Dzhulur is a young guy who, after serving in the army, returned to his native village in Yakutia. Here he lives with his old grandmother and little sister Kyunnei. By chance, Julur finds himself at the Ysyakh celebration, where he accidentally takes part in competitions and discovers the talent of a mas-wrestler in himself. But the sudden death of her grandmother crosses out all plans for the future. The sister is taken away by the guardianship authorities, because Julur has neither parental rights nor a permanent job. Kyunnei is sent to an orphanage, and their housing is taken away by debt collectors. In search of Kunney and a permanent job, Julur goes to Yakutsk, where the largest mas-wrestling championship in the Republic is to take place in the near future. Julur has a purpose, and now, in order for the family to be together again, he will have to go through tremendous trials on the way to victory!