Landscape and Room opens with a rudimentary line drawing of a landscape on a white screen. A performer enters in the foreground and begins making a line drawing of a room over the landscape drawing that is already there. The performer leaves the screen in the foreground and after a few seconds he re-enters. He then proceeds to use scissors to cut away the drawing of the landscape. The drawing of the room is left on the screen. The performer then gradually appears from behind a large piece of paper as he cuts it away. A drawing of a rectangular solid also appears as the paper is cut away. The performer leaves. After cutting away some lines from the rectangular solid the performer cuts away the drawing of the room. He then reappears from behind as he cuts away another layer of paper that covers the scene. As he cuts the paper away another drawing of a rudimentary landscape appears. The solid is now in the landscape. The film ends with the performer filling in the solid with red chalk.